Conventional Loan Refinancing


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James B. Nutter & Company’s True No Cost Refinance allows the borrower to reduce their current interest rate on their Conventional mortgage without paying CLOSING COSTS.  At the time of application, James B. Nutter & Company may collect for the cost of an appraisal and credit report and then REIMBURSE THAT MONEY TO YOU AT THE  LOAN’S SETTLEMENT.  The savings potential for you is enormous, and the program is a perfect fit for people wishing to lower their fixed rate, move from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate, or obtain cash-out.

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We have a variety of terms for fixed rates on conforming mortgage loans.  The loans are very popular to most homeowners because their payments remain the same for the duration of the loan term (excluding tax and insurance costs).  This predictable amount allows for easier budgeting each month until the loan is paid off since the rates do not change.   James B. Nutter offers a variety of fixed-rate terms.  Those selecting shorter terms will pay less in interest while longer terms allow a smaller payment each month.  Options include:

  • 30 year Fixed Loan - Conforming
  • 15 year Fixed Loan - Conforming
  • 10 year Fixed Loan - Conforming
James B Nutter also offers adjustable rate mortgages (ARM).  These are beneficial to many borrowers due to the ability to get more money at a lower interest rate than a fixed rate loan for the initial term.This is particularly attractive to homeowners that want a lower payment now but are expecting to
  • move prior to the term when the rate is adjusted or
  • expect their salary to increase in the future or
  • looking to qualify for a larger loan than they could get with a fixed rate conforming mortgage
  • intend to refinance after the initial term
Adjustable Rate Mortgages initially offer a lower payment than fixed rate mortgages but have the possibility of adjusting higher in the future if interest rates rise.    These are often referred to as LIBOR Adjustable rate mortgages.  LIBOR stands for London InterBank Offered Rate which is a group of large London banks that base the interest rate offered for U.S. dollar deposits.  A LIBOR Mortgage is an adjustable rate mortgage that can offer very aggressive interest rates tied to LIBOR indices.  The rate is fixed for an initial period then is adjusted using the LIBOR index + margin and factors any adjustable cap.

LIBOR ARM are available for home purchases.  James B Nutter offers 3/1, 5/1 and 7/1 options.  The 3/1 allows for a fixed rate for 3 years, the 5/1 is fixed for 5 years while the 7/1 has a fixed rate for seven years.